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Morquip Maintenance, Quality Mortuary Equipment

How Morquip’s New Finance Option Can Help You Stay Ahead Of The Competition

At Morquip we understand now, more than ever that selecting the most cost effective way of purchasing new products or funding new projects is crucial to maximising business opportunities whilst still protecting cash flow and budgets. Many businesses have reached a tipping point where putting off investment is no longer possible without compromising their ability to create revenue.

However many are bypassing their banks in search of finance options to fund their growth as they fear that asking their bank for additional credit could result in changes to their existing lending agreements. Morquip could help remove the stress of searching for credit facilities. We can provide financial packages to suit your requirements, making the acquisition tax efficient and affordable, whilst allowing you to hold on to you precious capital.

Our finance packages offer the following benefits:

  • A simplified process – designed to help you acquire our equipment quickly and easily.
  • Saves your working capital – by spreading the cost over a number of years avoids tying your working capital in depreciating assets. This means that you can invest your capital in other business activities.
  • Tax efficient – Lease payments may be offset against taxable profit, reducing the net cost of leasing equipment.
  • Fixed rate of interest – A fixed rate of interest means that there will be no increase in monthly costs as interest rates increase.
  • Fixed term agreement – As long as you adhere to the terms of the facility, it cannot be withdrawn as with an overdraft.
  • Flexibility – Your individually tailored lease facility will match the length and terms of the agreement with your cash flow and planned budget requirements.
  • Preserves your existing lines of credit – All our finance options do not interfere with your existing bank credit, preserving your flexible bank funding for day to day running costs and unexpected events.

Our finance consultant can contact you to discuss the above in more detail or provide you with a quotation. Click here to contact us for more information or call our office on 01384 565 456.

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