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Morquip Maintenance, Quality Mortuary Equipment

Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley

The Morquip Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley is available as a manual version or with battery-powered controls and all swivel non-marking rubber-tyred wheels (125mm dia) with two brakes. The trolley is designed for the effortless transfer of the tray between the mortuary chamber and the preparation station.

Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley

Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley

  • Models: 3, 4 or 5 tier
  • Minimum closed height: 230mm
  • Maximum extended height: 1830mm
  • Measurements: W:715mm L: 2300mm
  • Standard max Load: 180kg
    (available up to 220kg)
  • Standard max extended height: 1830mm


  • Construction: high-grade steel section.
  • Elevating platform fitted with nylon rollers.
  • Operation of elevating platform by means of a single-acting hydraulic ram and pump unit.
  • Choice of controls - hand operated lever or battery powered pump.
  • Side-handed option for use in restricted space.
Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley with Side Handle

Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley - side handled version

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