Morquip Maintenance, Quality Mortuary Equipment
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Morquip Maintenance, Quality Mortuary Equipment

Mortuary Chambers

Morquip modular or tailor-made mortuary chambers are fully insulated with 80mm of polyurethane foam for greatly reduced running costs. Finished inside and out in either stainless steel or white Stelvetite coated galvanised steel to the walls and ceiling with plain galvanised steel floor. All rollers (white nylon-coated) are removable for easy cleaning of the interior.

Insulated Mortuary Chamber

Mortuary Chamber

Insulated Mortuary Chamber

Refrigerated Systems

Refrigerated Mortuary Chamber

Tailor Made

Modular Mortuary Chamber


Side Loading Mortuary Chamber

Side Loader (ideal for limited space)

The refrigeration system is fully automatic and comes complete with electronic thermostat/thermometer to control temperatures at 2/4°C. The condensing unit is normally mounted on the roof of the chamber but can be re-sited to suit particular requirements.

At your request: wider doors, pass-through doors, individual doors to each tray, low-temperature chambers, tailor-made chambers. Site requirements: flat, level base and 13 amp power point (minimum).

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